About me

Hi! My name is Monica Pierazzi Mitri and I’m an illustrator.

My range of work as illustrator and author is very wide and various, from toddler, fiction and didactic illustrations for kids and teenagers to non-fiction, anatomic and medical-surgical, by both traditional and digital techniques.

I graduated in “Painting” at the Art Academy in Venice with the specialist degree in “Etching Techniques and Artistic Anatomy”. I attended hundreds of hours of art courses by the greatest artists in the animation industry and I’m always eager to learn and improve my art!

I’m a book author and illustrator, I design toys, apps, wall stickers, gift papers and greeting cards…you name it!

I’m always ready and enthusiastic to embark on a new creative adventure!

I love animals and nature soooo much, I cry for pretty much every movie I watch, I can’t resist chocolate and I love to jump into puddles after the rain!

my job


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I can’t wait to draw new projects, so, if you have something on your mind, I’m here!

if you are an illustrator like me and you’d like to have a chat or you just want to say “hi”, here is how you can contact me!

phone 0039 3405148063